Slots in Dracula: The Return, Overall Since his conception by Bram Stoker’s creative imagination in 1897, Dracula has risen from the grave several times.

Developer Red Tiger has once again sought out his undead talents for its online slot Dracula Awakening. Probably smelling blood in the breeze, some of these vampire-themed slots have been introduced in a very short amount of time. Let’s take a look at Red Tiger’s addition to the zombie genre, which should satisfy fans of the undead because each studio has taken a somewhat different approach to portraying the world’s most renowned bloodsucker.

The action in Dracula Awakening takes place on a 5-reel, 4-row panel with 30 paylines that illuminate winning combinations as they occur. The game begins on a mellow mountainside outside Dracula’s castle, but during the free spins feature, the music becomes Yngwie Malmsteen. Gothic literature, for some reason, seems tailor-made for 80s rock music. Dracula Awakening features a day/night meter over the reels. The daytime spins count up to a specific amount, and then the nighttime spins kick in whenever the sun icon on the meter reaches the right side. The gameplay options and possible outcomes vary between modes.

Dracula Awakening may be played on any device, and players can wager anywhere from 10 pence to £/€20 every spin. Although it is possible to increase the RTP, the default value of 95.72% is not precisely low enough to discourage any would-be Jonathan Harkers. The mathematical model operates at a rather high level of volatility, and the maximum gain is a respectable 5,317 times the initial wager.

If you get three to five matching symbols on an active payline, you win. There are ten standard symbols available. The other ten look like goblets, potion bottles, a gold necklace, a gold ring, and a woman, while five are royalty from the 10 of hearts in the Gothic style. These last five premiums are worth between 2.5 and 10 times your original wager. At certain points in the game, one of three different wild symbols can emerge to substitute for any other pay sign. These are Dracula Wilds in 1×1 size, Super Dracula Mega Wilds in 1×4, and female wilds that have been transformed. The following two wilds will be discussed in depth.

Slot Functions in Dracula’s Resurrection

Slot machines with many “modes” of play are periodically released by Red Tiger. Dracula’s two modes, daytime (which lasts 16 spins) and nighttime (which lasts 8 spins), are both logical and effective. Dracula Awakening is at its most exciting in the late hours, whether it’s during night mode and the appearance of Super Dracula Mega Wilds or during Eclipse Spins with the inclusion of sticky wilds.

Fantastic Dracula

Any Dracula Wilds that appear on the middle reel during Night mode become Super Dracula Mega Wilds if they contribute to a winning combination. Mega Wilds are 1×4 in size and expand to fill an entire reel when they appear. If any women symbols are in play when the Mega Wild shows up, they will get bitten and turned into wild women symbols.

Ascending Eclipse

The bonus round consists of 7 free spins and is activated by landing 3 eclipse scatter symbols. The daytime mode is required to activate the free spins feature. During Eclipse Spins, the middle reel will have a Super Dracula Mega Wild spanning all spots on that reel. The only difference is that now when Dracula bites a woman symbol, not only does it become wild, but it also sticks in place for the duration of the feature. Possible extension of the bonus phase. If an eclipse sign appears on the very first or very last reel, an extra free spin will be granted.

Slot Decision on Dracula’s Resurrection

There have been a lot of vampire/Count Dracula themed slots recently, what with it being close to Halloween and all, but Dracula Awakening brings something a bit different to the table. First of all, The Count is a bit unsettling in this game. The smirking vampire in iSoftBet’s Brides of Dracula, the ravenous Count in Fat Drac, and the comical Reel Spooky Megaways are all good examples to bring to mind while trying to sum up his character. Baron Bloodmore from Thunderkick and Anna Van Helsing from Rabcat were both a little darker than Dracula Awakening, but not by much.

The nosferatu in Red Tiger looks like a wealthy person who has nothing left to buy and has turned into a vampire because it’s funny. The brutal manner he lunges for lady emblems in Dracula’s Bite suggests, however, that he may have taken to it with greater enthusiasm than was first anticipated. It shouldn’t come as much of a shock to learn that this person has witnessed things that would make most people recoil and has no problem with the prospect of never again seeing the light of day.

Red Tiger frequently tries new ideas when it comes to video games, like the concept of day and night spins that occur in separate phases. This approach adds a personal touch to Dracula Awakening while also fitting in seamlessly with the game’s theme. Each approach has its advantages. There is excitement to be had throughout both the day and the night, as free spins may be triggered during the day and Super Dracula Mega Wilds can occur during the night. Due to the presence of sticky wilds in Eclipse Spins, the game may be played at any time of day or night. During testing, the occasional good run occurred when Dracula changed a few female symbols on the first two reels. Nothing spectacular, and nowhere near the maximum payout of 5,317 times the wager.

Dracula Awakening stands apart from the crowd of vampire-themed slot machines by adding a touch of originality and Red Tiger’s signature sheen. Players interested in vampires may find this game’s unusually gloomy presentation, day/night structure, full reel wilds, and sticky wilds to be fascinating.






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